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Maltby's Miles - cycling through the 'January Blues'

Update No. 1

No blood, but lots of sweat and toil mark December’s progress towards Adelaide, Australia. The first key milestone of 1,000 miles was reached on January 6th, the equivalent of cycling from Bedford to Venice, Italy.

With a daily target of 27 miles to achieve, it was necessary to train on both Christmas and Boxing Days….which meant I didn’t hold back on the turkey, chocolate and alcohol!

What next…….

January and February, will I suspect be unrelenting, with poor weather and dark nights, all combining to make the challenge even greater! As you can see from the pictures on the left, I’ve already enlisted some help from friends to keep me company……..if you fancy joining me, even for a few miles, do please get in touch.

Why are we raising funds?

The hidden impact of the pandemic on the younger generation is becoming all too clear to see. In 2022, Country Days are hoping to run more courses than ever, giving children, who wouldn’t ordinarily be given the chance, to enjoy the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside. To enhance the children’s experience and enable Country Days to run more courses, we are seeking to raise funds to build two further rain shelters, an additional landing stage and science hut for pond dipping, four more compostable toilets, additional tables and chairs, a portable microscope, more bug hunting materials and field nets for looking at meadow flora and fauna.

What will the funds allow us to do?

The funds raised by Maltby’s Miles will be partly put towards the building of a rain shelter which means despite our sometimes inclement weather the children can still enjoy themselves and continue learning about nature while shielded from the rain.

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