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A heartfelt tribute to Brian Woodrow, OBE DL

It feels a little understated to say that Brian was a very remarkable man. His enthusiasm, boundless energy and ability to make good things happen in Bedfordshire were extraordinary; raising 10 million for Bedford Hospital, his actions were transformational. He created a legacy that will be cherished by a great many around the county for many years to come.

Brian loved a challenge and from the moment we first approached him with the concept of Country Days, Brian set about helping us launch the Country Days charity into the community. His advice was invaluable, his attention to detail incredible, and with his characteristic generosity he introduced us to the people who could help us make a difference and they have.

Brian was a forward-thinking person and introduced us to his brilliant replacement, Susan Lousada, another former High Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Deputy Lieutenant who shared his passion and determination to make Bedford better for those who live in it. Thank you Brian for being an inspiring Patron, mentor and friend and introducing us to Sue so we can continue to take the charity forward and get more children from Bedford outside to learn in, and benefit from, our beautiful nature reserve in Felmersham.

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