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Country Days is an educational charity providing outdoor learning in a beautiful nature reserve for primary school children in years 3 -6 who live in Bedfordshire.

Registered Charity Number  1181833 

“High-quality outdoor learning experiences are proven to develop reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem-solving approaches in ‘real’ situations. Children also develop resilience and adaptability in occasionally adverse circumstances. It allows them to become more able to identify hazards and risks. Being outside can reduce a child’s stress levels as well as improving their physical well-being and help them to develop a love, appreciation and respect for nature and all that is living. Whilst being outside children develop an understanding of how we can look after our environment which is incredibly important. Children will gain higher levels of self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem, leading to more productive collaborative-working and communication skills.”

— Victoria Hayward, Head of Curriculum


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