Course 2019

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Feedback from 2019 Course


I enjoyed the art, making a bug hotel and the face out of natural materials.

Once again both A and S had a fantastic time at country days

A learnt about pond dipping, how to make bread in a fire

Thank you for this lovely and innovative experience

Thank you for making a great set of memories for this year for him. I loved the bird feeder and tea light holder too.

Fantastic experience for L! Well done and thank you

My boys absolutely loved every minute of both days and couldn't wait to tell me all about it on both days

Building bug towers, making bread, pond dipping, tug of war, making the candle holder. I think she enjoyed almost everything, even the rain apparently

She loved all of the different activities but also the freedom to explore a little

Report from 2019 Course

Pictures from 2019 Course